Welcome to the National Council of Vocational Education & Research Institute

NCVERI is a unique multidisciplinary vocational institute devoted to conducting, supporting, and encouraging vocational education and training.

As director of NCVERI, I envision our Institute as part of a vital strategy to invest in emerging vocational fields that may defy today’s traditional academic classification.  Tomorrow’s challenges demand innovative and unconventional approaches that cross or dissolve the boundaries of classic disciplines.  Faculty in NCVERI work on modern-day problems that lie at the intersection of Industrial course with modern course so candidate can got jobs and increase his/her knowledge.

I wish to thank the captains of the corporate world for their continued support, which enabled us to achieve high placement in the previous years consecutively. NCVERI Students are now succeed in various  industrial jobs and contributing to the growth of the nation at large. We are proud of them.

I invite you to take some time to visit our website and learn more about the latest vocational course, training and achievements, expertise and events.  Even better, I encourage you to visit our nearest center in person, to meet our students and faculty and be inspired by the new industry based job oriented vocational courses you will find here.