fashion & beauty institute

The programs offered by IFDBT are practical, hands-on and industry focused. One example is the IFSBT’s traditional core course named Diploma in Fashion Designing. Created based on real industry demands to prepare students for a life after their education, Diploma in Fashion Designing gives students a chance to understand the fashion Industry and to obtain valuable global outlook. 

Beauty Therepy

Some of the common beauty treatments that you will be required to undertake as an beauty assistant are bleaching and
facials. Let us study in detail about these treatments.

Hair Care & Styling

Hair shaping is an art. Proficiency in hair shaping can be acquired only after thorough study, meticulous observance of instructions and extensive practice. Regular scissors, thinning shears and razors need
to be used dexterously. Good hair shaping is the foundation of beautiful styles.

Hand & Foot Care

In this course, you will study about the anatomy of the nails, bones, muscles, arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels of the lower and the upper limbs. You will also learn about
the nail diseases and disorders and also identify treatable conditions along with contra indications of the nails.